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Current Virtual Bible Study
Current Virtual Bible Study

In week 3 of "Fire & Faithfulness" study series we read the story of a group of friends who were willing to show obedience to God, even if it cost them everything. We will learn how being obedient is worth the cost and that we can look for God in the midst of challenging moments.

Scripture Reading: Daniel 3
Pray: Ask God to help give you strength to be obedient even when facing a challenge.
Activity: Think about areas of your life where it's easy for you to be obedient to God, and areas where it is more difficult. What is one thing you can do in a difficult area to become more obedient?

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Remember, if your family needs access, DM us to set up an account.

The goal of the youth ministry of First Baptist is to develop students who are committed to a life of loving God, and loving all people. Through regular Bible study, retreats, fellowship events, service, and self-development activities, we desire to guide our students to live out this goal in every role of their lives. We invite you to join us for one of our weekly discipleship gatherings, or take part in one of our monthly fellowship activities.

For more info about the youth ministry of First Baptist, contact Rev. Josh Owens

First Baptist Monroe is mindful of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.

Our COVID-19 tab reveals how this church family responded, but we have returned to pre-Covid worship practices while supporting mask wearing for those who choose.

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